TodayCare Children's Center @ Regions Bank Birmingham 

Backup Care - For days when your regular child care arrangements are not available. For Example: School holidays, teacher in service days or your nanny is ill. Employees are allowed 50 days per year. Days may not be bought, sold, donated or exchanged between employees. Back-up care may only be scheduled for 3 weeks consecutively. After this, a break of no less than 5 business days must be observed.

Infant Transition Care - is for parents returning from maternity leave, or who have recently adopted a child. Infant transition care is available for up to 24 weeks. When you call to make arrangements for transition care, you may choose to reserve space for two to five days per week.  

Seasonal Full Time Care - for children of all ages who need to use the center for a more extended period of time. The year is broken down into winter, spring, summer and fall terms and a lottery is held before the beginning of each program to determine which children get space. A list of program terms and lottery deadlines can be found on TodayCare's website.